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Rental Loans That Help You Scale

Are you looking for the best deal on DSCR loans? Look no further than FlipX.

We are proud to offer the lowest interest rate in the market for DSCR loans, at just 6.625%. This means more money in your pocket and more opportunities to grow your portfolio.

Our DSCR loan program is designed specifically to meet the needs of real estate investors like you, with flexible terms and a streamlined approval process.

Plus, with our team of experienced professionals, you can be sure that you're getting the best service and support available.

Don't waste your time and money on high-interest loans with other lenders. Choose FlipX and take advantage of our unbeatable 6.625% interest rate for DSCR loans today!

  • 680+ Credit Score

  • 1.0 Minimum DSCR

  • Single Rental Property Loan

  • Individual Rental Properties

  • Single-Family (2-4 Units), Condos, Townhomes

  • $100K – $2M Loan Amounts

  • Up to 80% LTC for Purchases

  • 30 Year Fixed and Interest-Only

  • Rates Starting At 6.625%

  • Purchase, Rate & Term or Cash Out

  • No Seasoning Requirements

  • LLC’s, Corporations, and LP’s Only

  • Nationwide Lending

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