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FlipX provides lightning-fast capital you can trust to fund any of your real estate deals with rates and terms you'll love.

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Lowest rate on the market

DSCR Loans

Our floor rate is now 6.625% for a limited time! So contact us today to lock in the lowest rate you will find anywhere.

Why Choose FlipX?

Direct Lender

With the ability to fund loans ourselves, we eliminate the guessing games brokers deal with. The capital we have is available to disburse at our discretion, and the guidelines we adhere to ensure fluidity throughout the process. So eliminate questions and know exactly what you are getting with FlipX.

Speed and Efficiency 

We pride ourselves on our dedication to upholding promised timelines such as processing and underwriting. We take no more than 72 hours to complete underwriting and generate any outstanding conditions that need to be met to set a close date and move to funding.

Dedicated Team

With over 40 years of combined industry experience, you can rest easy in knowing that your team has your back at FlipX. From analyzing a property before appraisals are ordered to going over your construction budget to ensure feasibility, we take the time to utilize our knowledge and be of better service to you. So let us show you how much we care about your business and make our team your team.


FlipX - Financing Investors Nationwide.

We aim to be the nations leading private money lender empowering real estate investors to scale their businesses exponentially.

FlipX started with the idea that we could enable anyone to invest in real estate no matter how much cash you have, where you live, or your experience level. We provide an exceptional lending service, but FlipX isn't stopping there. We are building revolutionary technology to make investing in real estate more accessible and available for everyone. Stay tuned. 

Loan Products 

We offer a comprehensive suite of tailor-made loan programs for residential real estate investors. We adjust our products accordingly to ensure the long-term sustainability of our client’s projects and portfolios. We are committed to offering the best rates, terms, and service in the industry.

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"If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time."

Steve Jobs

Begin with FlipX. Your success might take time, but it will be exponential.

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